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Apple’s AirPods to get a major upgrade next week

The AirPods Pro are getting a rather significant improvement as part of Apple’s event next week. Those are USB-C. That may not seem like a significant improvement, but it is.

Expect nothing less than a complete generational update for the AirPods Pro; the time isn’t quite right for that. The primary improvement is the switch from Lightning to USB-C. As early as next year, Apple intends to convert the AirPods and AirPods Max to USB-C. While the normal AirPods were only recently updated, the AirPods Max are due for an update. Therefore, there will probably only be a shift to USB-C.

According to Gurman, there won’t be any other adjustments to the AirPods at the event. As AirPods are one of Apple’s best sellers, updating them to USB-C is smart.

Apple is working on a latest health feature for AirPods

Although the only significant change in this update will be the addition of USB-C, Apple is currently developing some new AirPods health features. This incorporates a new hearing-test system and body-temperature sensing. But those improvements probably won’t happen right away. Given that these features appear to be in their infancy,

Making the AirPods more “sticky” for users will be made possible by adding health features to them. Due to how seamlessly they already integrate with the iPhone, iPad, and Macs, they are already quite sticky for iPhone users.

A new version of the AirPods is usually released every two years or so. One of the few items that Apple doesn’t update annually, even though it really doesn’t need to be this one, There have been a few one-off updates, including the wireless charging case for the original AirPods and the current USB-C update for the AirPods Pro. However, new hardware is often available every two to three years.

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