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Apple’s dependency on Samsung is lessened with the iPhone 14 series

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Slowly and gradually Apple is limiting its dependence on the South Korean tech firm i.e., Samsung for its mobile devices. Previously, the company has partnered with TSMC for the supply of processors. For the supply of OLED panels for smartwatches, it also turned to LG and BOE. Apple replaced Samsung Display with different companies. In addition, the firm has restricted Samsung’s contract share for the OLED screens used in smartphones.

Market analyst, Ross Young claims that Apple has acquired more OLED panels from LG Display than from Samsung Display given its iPhone 14 Pro Max flagship. Previously, Samsung was the top choice of Apple for the OLED panel supply. Samsung Display has provided OLED panels for flagship phones like the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Sadly now, the company is favoring LG and BOE over Samsung. If Apple continues with its recent course of action, then the South Korean firm will no longer be the largest OLED panel supplier for Apple devices.

Some reports suggest that Samsung Display has been given the contract to manufacture two stack tandem OLED panels for the forthcoming iPad Pro models Apple. It is speculated that the new panels will provide more brightness and enhanced longevity in contrast to the traditional OLED tablet panels. Apple might unveil the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models before the end of 2023. They might be even more expensive than the current-generation iPad Pros.

Besides this, Apple is shifting towards MicroLED display screens for its wearables. On the other hand, Samsung has been working on a MicroLED display lineup in hopes of the future supply of panels for the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra. However, there is no concrete evidence of whether the South Korean conglomerate gets the contract or not.  

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