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iPhone 15 Pro To Have The Thinnest Display Edge

For years, apart from the trend towards ever-thinner display edges, the iPhone was known for its large forehead and, above all, its large chin with Touch ID. It is now becoming apparent that Apple could become the frontrunner in narrow display design with the iPhone 15 Pro.

After years, now back at the forefront

The fight for particularly thin display edges has been fought for a very long time – and has ensured, among other things, that almost all smartphones have been developed with a recess at the top edge of the display, the famous notch. 

Apple had long resisted this trend and only joined in 2017 with the iPhone X – the biggest design change in iPhone history. Five years later, the iPhone 14 Pro turns the notch into a pill-shaped “Dynamic Island” cutout. Now there are indications that the iPhone 15 Pro is going one step further.

As is so often the case, around 6 months before the release of the next iPhone family, the rumor mill is churning. Now the well-known leaker Ice Universe wants to be able to reveal more about the smartphone face that will shine at users of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. 

Accordingly, Apple plans to equip the top models with a front display whose black edges will be only 1.55 mm thin. If Apple achieves this value, it could offer smartphones the thinnest display edge to date. For comparison: the iPhone 14 Pro has a value of 2.17 mm.

The current record holder for the thin display edges is the Xiaomi 13, whose display is framed by a 1.61 mm to 1.81 mm black border. Contrary to the trend, Samsung has decided not to further shrink the display edges for its current Galaxy S23 models, which is around 1.95 mm.

Phones without borders

Years ago, the first smartphone concepts appeared without any edges. Samsung had tried early on to completely eliminate the edges on the side with its edge displays, but at that time it still had a large chin and forehead. The fact that Apple is now apparently entering the race for the thinnest bezel design is definitely a real departure from old traditions.

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