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Apple’s mixed-reality headset will debut in June

The mixed reality headset by Apple is long-awaited. The company has not officially announced the device as yet. But still, there are many rumors about the forthcoming headset. Several analysts claim that Apple is going to present the product in early 2023. In this perspective, a recent report emerged that indicated that Apple has reportedly decided to delay the release of mixed reality headsets until WWDC 2023.

Previously, several sources suggested that the company might unveil the new headset in upcoming months i.e., March or April. As of today, a report by mark Gurman indicates that the company has abandoned this plan. Rather, the company now intends to introduce the headset in June. Do remember that in June WWDC 2023, the developer conference will also take place.

Given all the previous rumors, we can say that the delay might be advantageous for both users as well as the company. Since the rumors have mentioned quite a lot about the product. From this perspective, it would be better if the company takes time and refine things on their end. Although, it is going to be a piece of huge news. It will not work well for the company in case it has flaws.

Side by side this delay will help the company produce more units of the product. Besides this, the company could end up with just a few thousand units. Since the rumors suggest that the product is quite complex.

WWDC is an event that is related to developers. For this reason, the company might be planning to cash the event by having a dual advantage. Since the developers will have access to the product at WWDC. In addition to this, the company might opt for this decision due to the market strategies. Since the previous similar products by other companies have not gained quite a success. It might be that the company is planning to understand the market as well as its potential consumers.

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