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Apple could introduce its AR headset this spring

Many companies have stepped into the category of AR/VR headsets. Apple is one such company. Previous year we learned that Apple was working on one such device. According to the analyst from Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, it was expected that Apple could introduce the AR/VR headset in January. However, unfortunately, things didn’t work as planned. Since the device is currently having some issues.

According to a report by another analyst from Apple, Ming Chi-Kuo, it is anticipated that before the end of the following year, the AR/VR headset will be introduced in the market. As per reports from Gurman, Apple has shared the prototype of its forthcoming AR/VR headset with some developers. While on the other hand, the product is not complete. Since the company has a lot more work to do with it. Given this fact, Apple is all set to step into the field of VR, but there are no such indications from the tech giant Samsung.

Some reports suggest that the forthcoming AR/VR headset might be introduced ahead of the WWDC event. Seemingly, the company has secured resources for the future AR/VR headset from other departments as well. This step was taken to avoid any further delay. However, this has messed up the release of other products by the company. Given this, Apple is going to introduce the product by spring 2023. The accompanied resources and tools will be introduced at WWDC for the developers. In this way, they could work on apps and services compatible with AR/VR headsets before the sales start.

The previous year, Samsung stated that soon it will work out a similar product. But since then we have not heard any other word. Though he added that it won’t take for the company to come up with something similar since the company was targeting the device with perfection rather than releasing it before competitors. However, if Samsung doesn’t come up with any product soon, Apple has the chance to lead the market.

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