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Apple’s New Mid-range MacBook expected to reach 4 million shipments in 2018

Apple’s MacBook business is very well positioned in the market, the market demand is quite strong and it has loyal consumers in this market. However, the company could have done much better if the pricy MacBook could be availed by price-conscious consumers.

Currently, Apple doesn’t have a laptop below the $999, only MacBook Air starts from this price, Apple has left a wide consumer segment because of this pricing factor. But now the company plans to introduce a new entry-level or Mid-range MacBook during the second quarter of 2018, the price is expected to be similar or slightly higher than the MacBook Air.

Digitimes research analyst Jim Hsiao said the new MacBook will hit 4 million units shipped during 2018, he said Apple has to engage LG for panels after talks with the Chinese company has been failed.

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Apple has scheduled to start mass production of the new MacBook in May/June, the panels supplied by LG comes with the same resolution as Apple’s 13.3-inch MacBook Pro.

Analysts like DigiTimes believe that Apple has set a very difficult target for them which is the sales of 6 million units in 2018. DigiTimes said this value is not achievable by the company because of the price. If Apple can drop the price to $799 which is not likely then it may touch the target.

DigiTimes also said Apple is losing its own business due to higher prices of their products especially laptops, Apple can grow at an unprecedented rate if they’re seriously thinking about their pricing. There is a number of laptops available now on the market that are much cheaper than Apple’s MacBook and performs quite well on Windows 10.

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