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Apple’s Taiwanese partner Chipmaker safe after malware attack


A Taiwanese company which makes chips for Apple inc, especially for Apple iPhones, was affected by a malware on the weekend. Apple’s Taiwanese partner, chipmaker is now safe after being attacked—BBC reported.

Apple’s partner The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) had to shut down several parts of its operations due to a malware attack on the weekend, according to the details the attack was reminiscent of Wannacry ransomware, which affected millions last year.

However, the semiconductor company has denied that it was struck by a malware and blamed an error which was caused by installing a new tool,

The Chief Executive officer of TSMC, Wei said, “I was shocked when I was informed about the malware attack on our site,” while talking to reporters. “It is impossible that humans would not make any mistake and we had changed the system to automatically detect the virus and such mistake would never be made again.” He added.

The company also didn’t comment about the malware, where it was originated, TSMC also supply their products to Qualcomm and Nvidia, the company is said to be one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers.

High-tech companies like TSMC and others can also fall prey to the hackers as these types of incidents have revealed. Thomas Nuth, director of product at cyber-security company Nozomi Networks said, no organization is entirely safe from such attacks.

The downtime and inconvenience it causes costs huge amounts of money to the manufacturing companies, big companies globally were hit by the WannaCry ransomware last year which accounted for the loss of billions globally.

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