As Android shipment volume drops precipitously, the US iPhone market share increases to 55%

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The smartphone market in the US changed drastically in Q2 2023. Reportedly, the market observed an abrupt decline in Android smartphone shipments. On the other hand, the market share of Apple’s iPhone increased to 55% in the above-mentioned period. Given this increase, a report from market intelligence indicates that the pliability of Apple was supported by carrier promotions.

In accordance with a report shared by Counterpoint Research, Q2 2023 was a difficult time for the US smartphone market. On a YoY index, the shipments were reduced by 24%. Some of the famous Android brands were the biggest target. A 69% decrease in YoY was observed for Alcatel. The shipments of Samsung declined to 37% and Motorola observed a fall of 17%. The only winner from the Android smartphone market was Google which managed to survive the harsh market conditions due to its Pixel Fold.

The market share of the iPhone in Q2

Well, it can’t be said that Apple was not prone to market conditions. It observed a 6% decline in YoY. However, it was comparatively far less than that observed by Android brands. Reportedly, Apple managed to increase its market share by 10%. Last year, in Q2 Apple observed 45% YoY, which increased to 55% this year in the same time period.

In addition, Apple’s market share increased on a quarterly basis, increasing from 52% in Q1. Counterpoint did acknowledge that carrier marketing had a significant impact on this. Strong marketing across postpaid and prepaid helped Apple remain resilient. While the iPhone 14 was still eligible for $800+ promo credits from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, older iPhone models were also marked down significantly across all prepaid carriers. There are no signs of weakness in the entire promotion. Well, this is not just limited to iPhones since Google also used the same strategy for its Pixel Fold and Pixel 6a.

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