At KES 2023, Samsung reveals ‘Smart Town’ with SmartThings

Today, October 24th, marks the commencement of KES 2023 that will last until October 27th 2023. Reportedly, the tech giant Samsung has unveiled a ‘Smart Town’ space at the KES 2023 event. The company shared the information via an official blog post. It is a place where users can experience connected technology with SmartThings. Different products, including mobiles and home appliances, will be featured under the pet care, health, energy, and games categories.

Some details about Samsung’s Smart Home

The company states that a small portion of the Smart Town comprises a Smart Home and a Smart Park. Here, users can experience the latest products of the company. About the Samsung “Smart Home,” knowledge of electricity bills will be available at the front door. Users will be able to monitor energy use, control devices, look at the power bill, and use Carbon Intensity Insight and AI Saving Mode to learn more about reducing carbon emissions and energy use using SmartThings.

The Living Room area includes tips relevant to pet care. Users can keep an eye on their pets in real time by using the Bespoke Jetbot AI and Home Camera 360. Furthermore, users can access the walking records of pets using the Galaxy Smart Tag 2. They can be monitored through SmartThings Pet Care.

Users can entertain and enjoy themselves in the Hobby space, where they will find the Gaming Hub as well as the Odyssey OLED G9. The Relaxation space is dedicated to relaxing. Users can relax and keep a check on their health via the Galaxy Watch 6. The Kitchen Space consists of a Samsung e-Food Hall. It is a shopping platform that allows users to link home appliances with food. Users can get access to smart cooking tips in the SmartThings app by scanning the barcodes on the meal kits.

The business also developed a “Bespoke Home Meta,” where customers can view Bespoke items from Samsung Electronics positioned inside the virtual home’s interior to select items that match their home.

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