Amazon Introduces a New Passkey Feature: A Password-less Signin For Users

Amazon, a leading e-commerce giant across numerous nations, has embraced passkeys, introducing a more secure login alternative to traditional passwords. This recent addition as engadget stated, empowers users to access their accounts utilizing the biometrics or PIN associated with their devices. Although this feature was discreetly rolled out a few days prior, it was officially announced recently, with availability on web browsers and a phased rollout on its iOS app. The Android application will soon follow suit, boasting passkey support in the near future.

Passkey Mechanics

The essence of passkeys lies in its resistance to common security threats such as phishing, data leaks, and social engineering. Unlike the conventional password system prone to theft or involuntary disclosure, passkeys operate on cryptographic pairs. One key is public, residing on the service’s servers, while its counterpart remains private and securely stored on the user’s device. This pair, unique to each service, must align for successful login, offering a streamlined yet secure authentication, veering away from the intricacies of two-factor authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication Conundrum

Despite the enhanced security, Amazon has clarified that the existing two-factor authentication (2FA) will not be deactivated upon enabling passkey support. As per the FAQs, users with activated 2FA will still undergo identity verification via a one-time code, even post passkey activation. The specifics regarding the necessity of two-factor codes post the initial passkey login remain unclear, although it was observed that subsequent logins didn’t prompt for one.

Activating Passkey Login

Transitioning to passkey login is a straightforward process. Users are simply required to navigate to the ‘Login & Security’ section under ‘Your Account’ on Amazon. Herein, the ‘Set up’ option adjacent to the new Passkeys feature enables activation, ushering in a realm of enhanced security and ease.

Amazon’s foray into passkey support exemplifies a significant stride towards bolstering user security and simplifying the login process. As the feature gradually extends across various platforms, it marks a notable advancement in the cybersecurity landscape of e-commerce, aligning with the evolving needs and preferences of users.

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