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Autoruns for Windows – Extended Autostart Manager Download

When Windows starts, many additional programs are always loaded, but not all of them are needed. This could be, for example, applications pre-installed by the device manufacturer or malware. The free Autoruns tool for Windows 14.08 lists all the autostart items and allows you to disable them easily.

Autostart items in autoruns

Cleaning up the autostart

The interface of Autoruns for Windows is divided into numerous tabs in which the autostart items are divided into different categories, such as “Login”, “Scheduled Tasks”, “Services” or “Drivers”. If you want to see all entries at once, you will find a summary table on the “All” tab. Autoruns lists all found autostart entries in a table overview, which contains, in addition to the name, a short description, the developer and the program path. Unwanted autostart items can be easily disabled by removing the check mark at the beginning of each line. Additional actions can be performed per item via a context menu. For example, you can jump directly to the appropriate entry in the registry or have it checked by the online service VirusTotal. The result will then appear in another column of the table. Autoruns is also capable of editing the autostart entries of operating systems other than the current operating system. This is useful, for example, if a second Windows installation no longer starts properly due to an incorrect entry. The current autostart configuration can also be compared to a previous snapshot using a compare function.

Order more at system start

Autoruns helps you to effectively clean the autostart of your system and thus speed up the system startup noticeably. The tool can also be used to detect and remove malware, although of course it is not an alternative to an antivirus solution. Note: You should never arbitrarily delete entries from the autostart. In the worst case, Windows could no longer function properly or at all.


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