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AVM begins update for FritzBox 7590 and 7590 AX

Internet specialist AVM is launching a new experimental laboratory version for users of the FritzBox 7590 or 7590 AX. The update is a preview for FritzOS 7.39 and comes with a slew of changes and improvements. There is also a new function to try out: With the laboratory versions 7.39-94623 and 94624, the direct connection to MyFritzNet now starts via the USP protocol standard (TR-369) for the direct transfer of parameters.

AVM implements this first for displaying connection status, connection parameters, and performing updates on MyFritzNet. That’s it for what’s new – all other changes in the lab update are bug fixes and improvements. We’ve included the full release notes at the end of the post.

Lab also planned for further routers

There’s still no preview of the new FritzOS for other FritzBoxes, so you’ll have to be patient – but it should start soon. Users of one of the two Fritz models 7590 and 7590 AX can download the new update directly. It is only available for free versions of the FritzBox 7590 and 7590 AX. Provider-bound models usually cannot use the lab updates. The update is available as a download package with all important information about the beta on the AVM website providing

Laboratory update for FritzBox 7590 and 7590 AX

  • internet
  • New:
  • Direct connection to MyFritzNet via USP (TR-369) for direct transfer of parameters – initial display of connection status, connection parameters and implementation of updates on MyFritzNet
  • Made:
  • Active WireGuard VPN connections were not displayed with a green LED on the home page
  • WireGuard VPN connections did not work on 1&1 connections with DS-Lite and PCP
  • Improvement:
  • Customization of the email notification (“pushmail”) for updated FritzOS for updates triggered by the user on MyFritzNet
  • When assigning virtual IP addresses for VPN connections, the defined DHCP range is taken into account
  • If there are multiple DynDNS addresses, MyFritz address is preferred for WireGuard VPN connections
  • Improvement:
  • Improved dynamic smart repeater allows higher data throughput for devices connected to a FritzBox acting as a mesh repeater (7590 only)
  • telephony
  • Improvement:
  • Under “Other provider” added the possibility to forward calls during the call phase (partial re-routing).
  • When listening to messages on the internal answering machine, the name or location of the caller is given (requires a MyFritz account and phonebook entry)
  • Support for groups for online phonebooks from the carrier Apple
  • system
  • The change:
  • The hyperlinks to content, manual, tips & tricks, newsletter, avm.de and legal information are now in the menu area under “Info Center”
  • home network
  • Made:
  • The connection option “Powerline Pairing” was also offered for Powerline devices that are not connected to the FritzBox via LAN
  • Incorrect display of powerline device name under Mesh
  • mobile
  • Made:
  • Some mobile phone sticks (e.g. Huawei E3131) were no longer recognized correctly
  • Partially faulty modem control may lead to termination of mobile phone connection

Testers must provide feedback

AVM asks the volunteer testers for feedback on the improvements and the changes in general. Suggestions for features are also always welcome. Details on the respective beta updates can be found on the AVM website for the laboratory program or directly in the beta packs that can be downloaded there. You will also find useful tips for using the beta versions and getting started as a beta tester.


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