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Battery Powered Electric Plane Completed its First Flight Successfully

It was already known that battery-powered electric planes were in the making process. Recently, an electric aeroplane firm has completed its very first electric aircraft manufacturing and has also completed its first flight successfully in Australia.

Electric trucks and cars are old concepts now, as the future is advancing towards larger electric vehicles (EV) such as aircrafts.

Pipistrel—an aircraft manufacturer has made a single-engine, two-seater electric aircraft. The firm has named the aeroplane as “Pipistrel Alpha Electro”. The test flight was conducted in Perth and it proved successful.

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The electric plane operates on two lithium-ion batteries, exactly like the ones used in the electric vehicles of Tesla.

The batteries keep the plane functioning for an hour along with thirty minutes of extra power in store. The entire lifetime of the batteries is such that they could provide thousand flying hours for the plane.

The plane could be fully charged in an hour with the assistance of a supercharger as per the reports of Futurism.

The company is reportedly working with a domestic start-up Electro.Aero for bringing the electric planes in normal regular use.  These electro aircrafts are much simpler, safer and easier to fly.

The founder of the Electro.Aero said that the electric propulsion is much easier and simpler than the petrol engine. The petrol engines have got many moving parts inside it.

He added that the plane is also less expensive than the local conventional aeroplanes. The engine cost of the electro vehicle costs somewhere around AUD 3 an hour—which is one-tenth of the price of the fuel engine.

It needs sixty kilowatts of power for taking off and only need twenty kilowatts for travelling, and all of that is done without making any noise.

Robert Bodley—a pilot mentioned that the electro plane is more comfortable and has less vibration. The heating is also less and is overall a much more stable aircraft.

By the mid of this month that is January local pilot training sessions would start for flying the electric planes. And the registered pilots would be needing to finish a familiarization flight before they would be allowed to fly independently.

According to the reports of ABC News, the company has intentions of making charging stations for the electric planes to the solar array.

Additionally, in future electric air-taxis would also be seen functioning in the skies providing services to five people simultaneously—as it would have the capacity to carry five people.

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