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Benefits of formatting a USB drive

One of the most convenient ways to transfer files between distinct destinations is via USB drives. Using a USB drive, users can quickly move files between different computers and even mobile phones with the use of a USB OTG. With time, the files keep collecting in the USB and present a messy experience to the users. That is why it is good to free up the storage space on the drive. One of the easiest ways to do so is via formatting the USB drive. Like the previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 also provides a convenient way of formatting a USB drive.

In this article, we will discuss some potential benefits of formatting a USB drive. When a user formats a USB drive, all the files on the USB are deleted. Or in other words, you can say that the files are un-indexed. It indicates that the space occupied by those files is now unused and new files can overwrite that space now. According to users, the space will be free after deleting the files. Well, actually the files are overwritten. They can be easily recovered by using specialized software. So, we can’t satisfy on this solution for formatting a device before sharing it with others when we save some sensitive information on the drive.

Besides this, another reason could also be attributed to formatting a USB drive i.e., changing its file system. Some limited options are presented these days. Although, these options have several advantages over one another. Basically, some file systems are presented with some limitations, particularly the FAT and FAT32. In such scenarios, options like NTFS and exFAT come into play. Since they have the capacity to support big files even if they have the size of a maximum partition.

It is not that the NTFS and exFAT are the only advantages. They have their downgrades as well. The downgrades are associated with compatibility. NTFS is a product introduced by Microsoft. It is compatible with the modern-day OS but it is non-compatible with the older versions.

To cater to this issue, exFAT is suspected as the possible solution. It serves as a bridging gap between FAT and NTFS. Therefore, it permits the sharing of files big in size. On the other hand, it offers great compatibility as well. However, with some older OS, it doesn’t work properly. Whatever your case is, by formatting the drive you can modify the file system in accordance with your requirements.

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