Blackberry is going to divide its business into two separate divisions


According to some recent pieces of information, Blackberry is going to split its business. Well, this information is official. It will, of course, play a vital role in future business practices. Notably, the company will split its cybersecurity and IoT businesses. In the future, both these units will operate separately.

With this approach, the company will gain profits from its two businesses. According to the company, more focus and attention will be paid to the IoT business. In 2024, Blackberry intends to debut a new business with a keen focus on the IoT industry. In this way, the shareholder value of the company will increase since it will attract more investors. Alongside this, the company might observe better growth in both sectors.

Well, this is not the first time that the company is expecting some modifications. The emergence of the iPhone as well as other Android devices dominated the company’s mobile business. Despite this, the company put in all its efforts to regain its position in the smartphone industry. However, unfortunately, the company was not successful with its approach.

Following this, the company shifted its focus towards cybersecurity and the IoT business. However, by next year, Blackberry will split the two units. The first section will concentrate on cybersecurity, and the second section will concentrate on IoT and its use in different businesses. Although this division is probably beneficial for BlackBerry’s company, it is unknown how it will impact current clients.

Currently, there are no details regarding the timeframe of the events. At the moment, the company has simply notified its consumers and the public about the split. It is clear that BlackBerry views this division as a growth opportunity and runs the two operations independently of one another. This decision, according to the corporation, represents their “optimal strategic direction” for the company.

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