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Bluesky offers custom feeds that enable you to select your own algorithm

Bluesky was introduced by Jack Dorsey. It is an alternative to Twitter. As per some recent pieces of information, Bluesky has come forward with a new custom feeds feature. It is currently in the beta testing phase. Using this new feature, users will have the opportunity to customize their algorithms. In this way, the feeds will be provided with various posts.

In today’s time, we observe the impact of the manipulation of social media algorithms on our lives. Given this perspective, users always search for more transparent options and choices when it comes to selecting social media feeds. The new custom feeds feature is like the Twitter lists in the perspective that users can pin particular custom feeds. These custom feeds are then shown as individual tabs on the top of timelines. Users can pick and choose the posts they wish to view via the My Feeds menu presented in the app’s sidebar.

Difference between Bluesky custom feeds and Twitter lists

Bluesky’s “My Feeds” are dynamic and change as the number of mutual followers grows. On the other hand, Twitter lists show posts depending on the themes you select. While Bluesky’s app now defaults to a chronological “following” timeline, most custom feeds are not constrained to this arrangement. Instead, they offer a glimpse into developing communities and draw attention to trending issues on the site.

The recent development by Bluesky can be helpful in drawing the attention of users who prefer a user-centric approach. In response, Bluesky CEO Jay Graber outlined the platform’s algorithmic choosing strategy, saying, “We strive to create a future where you have control over what you see on social media. Our intention is to substitute a broad and open “marketplace of algorithms” for the traditional “master algorithm,” which is managed by a single corporation.

Accessing the new feature

The new feature is currently under testing. It doesn’t mean that users can’t access it. Just update your Bluesky mobile app to the latest version. One thing to mention here is that the app is currently using invites, users can access the new feature only if they have an existing account or they have received an invitation code from someone.

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