Bluetooth will be replaced with Huawei NearLink

When it comes to short-range wireless connection technology, Bluetooth is one of the most popular services. As of now, Huawei has come forward with an alternative to Bluetooth named NearLink. Reportedly, NearLink is faster as compared to Bluetooth. In future devices, NearLink can be utilized as a standard connection technology.

Although the US government has imposed restrictions on Huawei, this doesn’t limit the company’s innovations. Huawei has been banned from working in some major markets, like Western countries, due to its dubious connections with the Chinese government. Besides this, the company is performing way too well in its native town, i.e., China. Undoubtedly, Huawei plays a major role in China’s tech industry.

As per reports, the company has partnered with over three hundred enterprises and institutions locally and internationally to work out this new short-range wireless connection technology. NearLink combines the advantages of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Consequently, faster and more reliable connection technology emerged.

NearLink is the next-gen short-range wireless connection technology

As per the claims made by the company, NearLink is 6x faster than traditional communication techs. It features a 1/30 delay. Furthermore, it can support a 10x high number of network connections and consumes 60% less energy. NearLink can be beneficial for several business sectors at a large scale, including smart homes, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and industrial smart manufacturing.

Theoretically, the characteristics of NearLink are quite impressive. It indicates that the cellular industry will take a tremendous leap with NearLink. It can offer less latency for commercial use. Huawei still doesn’t have permission to perform in the EU and US markets. For this reason, there is no possibility that the technology could make it to these markets in the near future.

For Huawei users, HarmonyOS aims to provide a smooth experience. NearLink is one example of an innovation that can spark interest in this new operating system. But the truth is that HarmonyOS will never be able to compete with Android or iOS in terms of the developer community, the number of apps available, etc.

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