A foldable phone with asymmetrical halves was created by Huawei

As per some fresh pieces of information, Huawei is potentially working on a foldable smartphone with asymmetrical halves. Reportedly, the company has filed a patent for this design. Surprisingly, images of such a foldable phone have emerged. In this short piece, we will uncover some information that can be predicted from the shared images.

The images reveal that the phone has a display on each of the two sides. Do note that the size of the display is not the same. It is different from other book-style foldable smartphones available on the market. In its unfolded state, the smartphone features two asymmetrical halves.

This is because the second display unfolds on the left side of the phone. The problem is that the entire display is tucked beneath the phone’s camera, which occupies the top 10% to 15% of the rear. It is also substantially thicker than the rest in that area. The display on the left side is comparatively smaller in the unfolded state. The main display accompanies a centered display camera hole, and there is no display camera on the secondary panel.

The patent images reveal that it will feature one ToF (Time-of-Flight) camera on the back. It is accompanied by two additional camera sensors. The corners of the phone are sharp.

There are several drawbacks to this design

Well, the above-mentioned information is all that is known so far. Inevitably, when it is folded, the secondary panel is visible on the back. However, when it unfolds, this is not the case. In addition to this, the phone appears similar to the Microsoft Surface Duo in its unfolded state. This is because the two panels don’t appear as a single entity; rather, they look like two separate entities. It is an odd design, and we assume that the company never manufactured something like this. Well, things will unfold with time.

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