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Blurry Widget In Windows 10 Can Be Fixed With Optional Update

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With an optional update for Windows 10 Version 1909, Microsoft has addressed a bug that prevented an external monitor from being used. Another annoying bug caused the news widget to be blurry.

There were also a number of other problems that are now fixed with the new preview update for Windows 10 Version 1909. The new optional update is now available for users of Windows 10 version 1909 if they use a corporate or EDU license. For everyone else, for example, the regular Windows 10 Home Edition, Microsoft has already discontinued support, so there are no more bug fixes. Nevertheless, the publication of the preview for version 1909 is a very good sign: For all Windows 10 users who are affected by the problem with the blurry news widget, there is hope that Microsoft will soon provide a fix for everyone Releases versions.

The update is managed under the KB 5003698 and brings the build 18363.1645. The Windows team is testing various bug fixes with this update. In addition to the bugs already mentioned, Microsoft also addressed an error that could under certain circumstances lead to screen reader apps simply no longer working. We have translated the list of highlights of the bug fixes and changes for you with Deepl.com:

Highlights update KB5003698

  • Updates an issue where certain screen reader apps cannot run.
  • Updates an issue that results in loss of audio when connecting a second external monitor.
  • Updates an issue that could cause a VPN connection to fail. The error message is “There are no more files”.
  • Updated an issue that resulted in the blurry text on the Messages and Interests button in the Windows system tray with some screen resolutions.
  • Updates an issue with the graphics of the search box in the Windows system tray that occurs when you right-click the system tray and turn off Messages and Interests. This graphics problem is especially noticeable when you are using dark mode.

The optional updates correspond to the preview versions of Windows that were previously released as C updates. These bug fixes will be automatically distributed to all users on Patch Day in July – if nothing comes up. If you would already benefit from the bug fixes and would like to do so, you can get the update now. It is offered as an optional update via the Windows update function; you then have to initiate it yourself so that it is loaded and installed.

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