Brivia TV will be the first company to support Google’s new Zoom TV app


Although COVID has been a crisis for the whole world, it has brought about some major changes in the fields of education as well as business. Working from home has become a trend over the past few years that not only lets employees spend more time with their families but also saves operational costs for companies. To make this experience more appealing, Sony has announced that Brivia TVs will be the first company to support Google’s new Zoom TV app. It will provide seamless ways to participate in virtual meetings from the comfort of your home.

Although this action by Sony is a big development and follows Apple’s incorporation of FaceTime into Apple TV, Bravia TVs do not have built-in webcams. As a result, customers will need to spend $200 on an accessory called the Bravia Cam to finish the setup. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that the Bravia Cam also optimizes sound and picture settings based on the user’s position and proximity to the TV, in addition to facilitating Zoom calls.

A proximity alarm system is another feature of the attachment that makes sure kids keep a safe viewing distance from the TV by detecting when they are sitting too close to it. Additionally, the camera has a power-saving mode that automatically dims the TV when nobody is watching, conserving energy and extending the battery life.

This app is not yet accessible

While the Bravia cam attachment and new features have been unveiled by Sony, the Zoom for TV app will be made available for Bravia TVs “by early summer.” “This partnership will allow our customers to enjoy more realistic video communication on a big screen in the living room, enabling them to be more connected to the people they care about, whether they are working from home, studying remotely, or just catching up with friends and family,” said Shusuke Tomonaga, head of Bravia product design at Sony, of the collaboration.

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