ByteDance offers a different app for the United States even though TikTok may be outlawed

TikTok is one of the famous video-sharing platforms. Despite this fact, the app is in hot waters. It is anticipated to be banned in several countries and states. However, ByteDance has another offering in the store that is potentially expected to replace TikTok. The parent company of TikTok might introduce Lemon8 in the US market.

There is still turmoil around TikTok right now. The US administration worries that the availability of TikTok in the country poses a significant security concern. It finds it offensive that so many Americans are providing their data to a Chinese-owned business. Because of this, the app might eventually be prohibited in the US.

ByteDance could introduce Lemon8 in the US to substitute TikTok

According to CNBC, ByteDance could introduce another app in the US. This app is named Lemon8. It could be introduced to fill the gap. and it might attempt to fill the gap left by TikTok. Back in 2020, the company introduced Lemon8 in the Japanese market. The users in the United States have access to it. However, most of the users are unfamiliar with the app.

Lemon8 is not a similar video-sharing platform to TikTok. It is a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. This social media platform is basically associated with sharing picture content. Besides this, the platform allows sharing of text-based content as well.

Without a doubt, TikTok’s US prohibition will result in a decrease in ByteDance’s revenue. Lemon8 could be the solution to help close the gap. In fact, over the past 30 days, Lemon8 has had the second-most downloads in the US for lifestyle apps. In terms of popularity, Pinterest is the only competitor. The app has 17 million downloads, and if ByteDance begins aggressively promoting it in the United States, it is anticipated that figures will soar.

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