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Capture Screenshots on iPad [with iPadOS 16] using the ‘Gesture’ feature

For capturing a Screenshot on iPhones and iPads a combination of physical buttons is used. This strategy was adopted for the previous versions of iPhones and iPads. As of now, the strategy has changed given the latest version iPadOS 16. Now users can immediately capture a screenshot without using the physical buttons. Quiet convenient Right?
Go on and read this short piece to find out how you can capture a screenshot without using the physical buttons.

The conventional method of taking a screenshot on an iPad

You can capture a screenshot using various methods. One of the most common methods adopted by people implies the simultaneous clicking of the home button as well as the power button. The newer models of iPads rely on a slightly different strategy. You can capture a screenshot in the new models by clicking the side buttons alongside any volume button. Your Screenshot will be captured.

Other methods to capture a screenshot

Besides these conventional methods, there are two other methods that don’t require the usage of physical buttons. Where most of the users are unaware of these.

Whether you have an Apple Pencil or not just swipe from the bottom left corner of the screen. Your Screenshot will be captured. This feature is particularly based on your gesture. You can customize the settings for the gesture feature, and get it set as per your requirement. Here are the simple steps to follow for enabling the gesture of taking a screenshot.

a. Open the Settings app
b. Go to the General Menu
c. Select the option indicating Gestures
d. Enable the option showing ‘Allow finger to swipe from the corner’
e. Choose the actions you want to activate while swiping from the left and right corners.

You can enable other Gestures besides the gesture for capturing a screenshot. The notable thing about the gesture feature is that you can enable other actions as well. For instance, you can select to open any particular app like Quick Notes while you swipe from any given corner of the screen.

Given this particular feature, iPadOS 16 still provides users with traditional iPad multitasking gestures. With these gestures, you can use your four or five fingers to swipe between open apps or access the home screen. However, you can customize these gestures whenever you want by accessing the gesture option in the Settings app.

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