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Careem App Redesigned with New Features

Careem has Re-designed its App and added some new features to make the booking and traveling easier for its customers. A number of new features have been added for Android and iPhone users.

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You would have to manually update the app if you have not received the new updated version of it yet.


New Features in Careem App

‘Deatails’ Feature Added

When you select your pickup location, Careem has added a new ‘Details’ button. When you pick a location a ‘Details’ button will pop up, you can click it and manually add details about your location or booking so that the Careem Captain can easily find you.

In the ‘Details’ option, you can add your house or street number, a surrounding place or anything you feel that Captain should know about your pickup location. It will reduce the hassle, and ensure that the whole procedure is smooth. The feature will be extremely beneficial in either completely isolated areas or too crowded ones, as it can be difficult to find your pickup location in both scenarios.

Faster Scheduling

Careem now offers a faster scheduling system for its rides. The Careem customer just has to tap on the calendar button, which is made bigger and more readable. From there the ride can be scheduled via vertical sliders.

Type of Ride

Careem users can now select the Type of ride easily by using the pop-out drawer. Most of the Careem interface is shifted to the bottom of the phone so that user can use it with one hand. It makes the whole process quicker, easier and convenient.

Estimated Fare

In the old Careem app version, customers had to open another window to find out the fare estimate for their selected route. The updated version will show you the total expected fare as soon as you book your ride. It will be shown next to the elected drop-off location.

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