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Careem Brings “Call Masking” For Increased Privacy and Safety

As per the extensive consumer demand for stronger privacy protection, Careem has introduced the new call masking feature.

Call masking enables the option of calling the Careem Captain anonymously without disclosing one’s private phone number.

This feature is automatically enabled in the Careem app and is being offered presently in United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

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The feature provides the users the option of keeping their mobile numbers anonymous from the Careem Captain (driver), thus ensuring further safety for the customer privacy and security. Reverse protection is also made available to hide the number of Careem’s captains from the customers. This was specially requested by the Careem’s female Captains.

The consumers willing to take the service of the ride-hailing provider could contact the Captain without sharing his/her number by tapping on the option of “Call anonymously”. The call would be directed via Careem’s platform and the Captain would receive the call from the call center numbers. The same procedure would be functional for the Captain as well.

In case the Captain needs to contact the passenger, then he/she could dial a defined call center number and that number would then be appearing on the mobile screen of the passenger, keeping the Captain’s personal number private too.

Call masking is a unique feature solely being offered by Careem, currently.

In the recent past Careem introduced ride tracker sharing feature and now the launch of this feature indicates that Careem is focused on providing the most secure and trustworthy ride-hailing service to people.

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