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Huawei Mocked Samsung in its Ad Series

It appears that all the gadget manufacturers are taking turns in mocking each other’s products via commercials. Now Huawei has stepped forward with its advertisements to mock Samsung.

Huawei is rated as the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, it is considered to be the direct rival of Samsung. Huawei has recently launched its ad series highlighting its new phone Huawei Mate 10 features by making fun of its competitor.

Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft had already made fun of other firms or each other from time to time. Motorola and Huawei seem to have joined the battling ground of defaming, both targeting Samsung.

Huawei made three advertisements mocking the poor battery life and performance of Samsung.

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The first ad is a comparison between Mate 10 Pro with a gadget very much like the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 concerning the battery life.


The second commercial is the Mate 10 comparison with the phone’s poor video quality.


The third ad highlights the Mate 10 Pro’s excellent photography via scene recognition and artificial intelligence which the other phone is not capable of.


Recently, Motorola mocked Samsung in one of its advertisement by introducing Moto Z2 Play’s new feature that allows viewing videos in a seventy-inch projected angle showing through the phone.

These ads for sure depicts heavy competition among the tech-firms when it comes to marketing their products to masses in best possible ways. With every passing day, there is significant improvement and advancement in technology, all the tech-companies try to keep themselves in the market by launching products that are well equipped with new technologies.

In such competitive scenario, the goal of every firm is to become the foremost in launching and marketing a new technology via their products.

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