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Twitter, YouTube, Facebook to Remain Blocked Until Law and Order Situation Settles-PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) informed on Saturday that the social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and the video sharing sites like Dailymotion and YouTube would remain blocked in the country until the law and order situation reaches some settlement.

Twitter also mentioned about this blockage in a tweet from its policy content.

PTA also informed that so far, no notice has been received relating the blockage of mobile phone services.

The social websites were blocked hours after the operation was launched against the Faizabad protestors, resulting in evoking anger among Pakistani internet users.

PEMRA also issued a notification ordering the private news channels to go off-air and stop giving live coverage to the operation.

After the electronic media blackout, people were relying on social media to have updates relating the operation status and details but that also was blocked by authorities restricting the information flow.

Complaints were received from many users relating inaccessibility of their social networking websites. Some users expressed their anger by declaring that the social media blackout is stopping people from attaining information which is their right.

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Many Pakistanis solely rely on private channels and social media platform for acquiring needed information and updates relating country and on-going events. Their blockage restricted the information flow arousing anger and unsettlement in public as people want to remain updated.

Because of the operation protests erupted nationwide. In such chaotic situation, there is more need for people to remain informed of the operation progress. On Saturday many people suffered because of severe traffic jams.

Blockage of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have affected the internet users in Pakistan as Pakistan is a leading nation that uses these websites for running online businesses.

Currently, everybody is praying that may the situation gets better and may the social networking sites be restored, as most people use internet for using these sites.

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