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Celia: Huawei’s very own virtual assistant


Given there’s no Google Assistant on Huawei’s most recent gadgets, including the P40 arrangement, the organization has uncovered its own special voice assistant called Celia. She/it/they will comprehend orders in English, French and Spanish and will act a lot part like Siri did at dispatch, to be specific some quite essential voice interactions with core telephone features. Think: weather updates, messages and phone call demands. It’ll likewise set updates, interface with your schedule and even interpret.

Huawei first referenced Celia a year ago, pitched as the worldwide variant of its Chinese-talking voice assistant called Xiaoyi. Like its antecedent, Celia will likewise have the option to utilize Huawei gadgets’ AI lens to distinguish objects and apparently get to more data on said objects.

The translation highlights filled in as promoted, however. Celia will show up on Huawei gadgets through a later OTA update, when EMUI 10.1 authoritatively arrives nearby the P40 telephone series on April seventh. Huawei is on the way to counter the damage from the United States ban on its equipment and balance the impact of the US-China trade war.

Celia is designed for the Western market. On top of that functionality, Huawei has also included a “Hey Celia” wake word. This works just like, “Hey Google” or, more accurately, like, “Hey Siri.” In fact, those two are so similar that some have noticed that the voice assistant actually triggers Siri on nearby iPhones. Avi Greengart mentioned on Twitter that anytime “Hey Celia” is said aloud, it will trigger Siri on any nearby Apple devices.

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