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China Mobile starts pushing 5G technology

The world largest network in terms of subscribers China Mobile said on Wednesday that the company wants to build a leading 5th generation mobile network by integrating Artificial Intelligence and 5G mobile technology—China daily reported.

Chinese telecom has worked significantly towards finalization of the first phase of global standards of 5G services, the company is heading towards now for the final sprint of commercial 5G services, it is the part of China Mobile broader push to commercialize 5G services by 2020.

Chairman China Mobile, Shang Bing told news sources, “We are focusing on a standalone 5G network infrastructure; we will push the cloud development of superfast technology and build an intelligent network by improving operational efficiency using AI.”

This sounds a great plan for working towards 5G services, China is more and more focused on leading world technology and AI is the mother of all, it was reported in July, last year that China has plans to become a global leader in AI. China is working towards improving healthcare technology using AI, in fact, the country wants to streamline all its sectors with AI, a broader plan for China leading the world in technology.

China Mobile will launch 5G innovation fund in order to promote development and maturity of full-fledged industrial applications of 5G, said Shang

However, the chairman didn’t disclose the total amount of the fund, he said, Beijing-based Company is actively conducting 5G trials in various cities, it will start pre-commercial tests for 5G services by 2019 before its commercial countrywide launch in 2020.

He said, the global telecom industry is rushing towards the 5G, the operators must focus on accelerating the transformation process towards achieving smart network, lean management and platform services.

The company will have a meeting with global organization supervising cellular standards in Spain to finalize the specifications of a stand-alone 5G network; the first phase will end up after this meeting and finalizing the standards.

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According to Huang Yuhong, the deputy head of China Mobile Research Institute, “China Mobile has contributed a lot in achieving the standards by leading the global 5G System Architecture project that sets 5G network structure.

China forecasts to have almost 576 million 5G consumers by 2025 which would account for more than 40% of global consumption, the report published by global consultancy EY said earlier this month.

The report titled ‘China Is Poised to Win the 5G Race’ claims that money spent on 5G technology would hit 1.5 trillion yuan ($223 billion) between 2019 to 2025. China has supported industries and investments which contributed towards shaping a sustainable 5G environment in China.

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