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Chinese Internet Addict Teen Beaten To Death At Rehab Center

A Chinese youngster passed away after he spends less than 2 days at a Chinese center that offer treatment to internet addicts.

China is the first country that has considered internet addiction a medical problem and so Chinese government has tight control over the internet. There are millions of people inhabiting in China who spend hours online on the internet.

Li Ao, the 18-year youngster who died due to internet addiction was first treated by his parents. The parents did everything in their power to stop his internet addiction by inspiring him to join military. They also used to take him to trips around China to control his internet obsession. After their efforts went in vain they placed him in a rehab center that placed him in an isolated closed environment. They paid 22,800 Yuan ($3,414) for 180 days of treatment.

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Li’s parents told afterward that the school promised them that they will provide psychological treatment as well as military training to their child.

The cause of death is still undetectable but the school called Li’s parents just after 32 hours of his admission, telling them that their child is in the emergency. When they arrived their child was already in the morgue with scars all over his body.

The parents said that “The teachers at the center told us that their teaching style was very nurturing. They said they never beat kids or used corporal punishment.” “But when I saw my son’s body there were bruises all over his arms and legs.”

As per CCTV, the school was already unlicensed and many warnings were given by the government to the school to stop its operations.
The father said that “Now I just want the authorities to investigate and expose the truth of my son’s death.”