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Chinese Smartphone Makers Will Beat Apple & Samsung Soon

In Chinese, Indian, and African markets the demand and supply of Chinese smartphones are higher in comparison to Apple, and Samsung.

Five leading Chinese smartphone makers that are Huawei Technologies, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE Corp and Xiaomi can soon beat Apple and Samsung and rule the smartphone kingdom.

Currently, in terms of global sales after Apple and Samsung, there is a whole line of these Chinese smartphone makers, strengthening their position in the global arena with each passing day.

Huawei is the third largest smartphone maker in the world and it aims to beat Apple soon. Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu even claimed that Huawei P20 would be better than Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X in the market.

Then OPPO recently witnessed 29% growth in 2017 and was ranked the second biggest smartphone maker in Southeast Asia in terms of its shipments.

Vivo is another Chinese smartphone maker with 5.5% market share. The company is the 5th largest mobile company in the world. With its growing popularity and constant performance, it can beat any other company on the table.

Xiaomi is yet another leading Chinese Smartphone company around the world, in the recent times. Its strength is its price, it sells the most reliable and dependable smartphones at half the price compared to Android phones.

ZTE Corporation is a Chinese smartphone maker that has become quite famous in the USA and Japan. It is amazing to see that in these two markets no other Chinese maker has seen much success. But ZTE seems to be exploring new horizons.

These Chinese smartphone makers are dominating the global market. Each has a stronghold and position in certain part of the world. Presently they might not be the leading smartphone makers but they are definitely making life difficult for Apple and Samsung.

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Chinese phones offer amazing features and display at an affordable price. This is their USP. Apple and Samsung may define class and stature but they are certainly not affordable. So it seems that these Chinese brands might overtake leaders of the smartphone market in next couple of years.