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Chrome Bug Creates Problem With Twitter, Discord And Videos

Chrome Bug

The current version of the Chrome browser is said to cause bugs for some users. This means that it is sometimes not possible to use services such as Twitter and Discord or to watch videos. The developers are already working on a solution and could soon release a patch.

As Bleeping Computer writes, the problems started appearing after updating to Chrome 96. For some users, only error messages came to light when calling up known web services. In addition to Discord and video platforms, social networks such as Twitter and Instagram are also affected. While the interface itself is loading, the content is not displayed correctly, so that its use is associated with restrictions.

There are no notifications on Twitter, just messages like “Something went wrong. Try reloading.” faded in. Images and videos cannot be displayed either. Discord users complain about the long loading times for the web app. In addition, icons are not displayed correctly.

Flag Option Can Be Disabled

Google’s developers have already been informed of the problem and are likely to roll out a bug fix soon. In the meantime, Chrome version 96 users have the option of using a workaround. The problems are said to have been caused by a new feature that was recently added to the browser. Deactivating the flag setting “cross-origin-embedder-policy-credentials” should fix the error. For this, the page “chrome: // flags” should be called and the corresponding option should be set to “Disabled”. The browser should then be restarted.

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