Google Chrome Extends Support For Windows 7 For One More Year

Google Chrome

At the beginning of 2020, Microsoft ended support for regular versions of Windows 7, but the operating system is still in use in many places – especially in companies that rely on special software solutions. Now there is also a support extension for Chrome.

In the middle of January last year, Microsoft released the last security update for Windows 7, for most normal users who are still using the operating system, this means that they do so at their own risk.

Corporate customers can, however, book the so-called Extended Security Updates (ESU), which secure Windows 7 after the regular end of support – but for an extra fee. This is still possible for three years after the end of support, but Microsoft has already announced that this option will not be extended beyond January 2023.

Moving Along With Microsoft

This also applies to the Microsoft Edge browser, which will also be provided with security-relevant updates in the Windows 7 version until January 2023. As Ghacks reports, Google is now also moving along: The company from Mountain View, California, originally announced Chrome support in mid-2021 and then later postponed this date to early 2022.

Now the combination of Chrome and Windows 7 has once again been given a grace period. This time it will certainly be the last, because the new date is January 15, 2023 – exactly the time at which Microsoft itself will also call it a day.

Features shouldn’t be expected for the Windows 7 version of Chrome, according to Google, the browser will only receive security and stability updates. Google does not provide a blog post or any other explanation of the reasons, but one can assume that the proportion of Chrome users with Windows 7 is still higher than originally thought.