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Compact Komodo camera by RED might be unveiled soon


RED is countering the stories of its cell phone camera woes with something all the more energizing… on the off chance that likewise secretive. Organization chief Jarred Land has prodded an up and coming Komodo camera that doesn’t seem to fit into the organization’s standard classes. While the solitary picture doesn’t indicate significantly more than a reduced body with an interchangeable lens mount, Land is glad to disclose to you what Komodo isn’t.

It is anything but a substitution for the organization’s DSMC2 innovation, one of the organization’s current sensors or a module. There are no common video highlights like HDMI yield and XLR info, and you won’t need to utilize RED’s branded storage. Furthermore, it’s unquestionably not a major gadget – it’s no bigger than 4 inches “in any measurement,” Land stated, with a weight under 2 pounds.

The greatest piece of information may include the expense. Land noticed that it won’t cost under $5,000 “except if you possess a Hydrogen,” recommending there will be tight integration among Komodo and the Hydrogen One (and conceivably different telephones) as well as an optional peripheral for those who want it. This proposes it might be a smaller yet top of the line camera intended for remote control – something you’d use either for particular cinematography or as an economical route into RED’s camera framework.

You may hear progressively about Komodo after a short time. Land noticed that it’s “alive and breathing,” and that you’ll likely observe star video makers field testing the plan in the “following couple of many months.” That doesn’t mean you’ll get the opportunity to utilize it at any point in the near future, however. RED is scandalous for its item postponements, and it could take some time before there’s a true blue release.

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