Content from more than 400 suppliers is available in the new Fire TV Channel app

Who doesn’t want to have stuff for free? Be ready to enjoy unlimited content from Amazon. Yes, you read that right. Amazon is adding tons of free content for Fire TV users. Recently, the company debuted the new Fire TV app. As per the information fetched from the Fire TV Blog, the app consists of free content from over 400 different sources.

The Fire TV app includes content from several providers

It sounds like a one-stop shop for various categories of content. It has been named the Fire “TV” app. One thing to notice here is that the app covers content from different categories and sources. Users will gain access to several live TV streams. In addition to this, they will have access to content like news, sports, and more.

Besides the live content, users can benefit from on-demand content as well. Content providers like Taste of Home, MSNBC, Fox Soul, Tasty, The Hollywood Reporter, CNN, Reuters, TMZ, and others will provide content from various segments like news, sports, gaming, cooking, art, etc.

Now the question is: who will have access to the new app? Users of Amazon Fire TV devices will have access to the new Fire TV app. Do remember that you won’t be required to download the app; rather, it will arrive as part of the software. Simply navigate to the Apps & Channels screen, locate the app, and enjoy the free content.

One thing to mention here is that the app is free. It doesn’t include any subscriptions or hidden charges. Besides this, users are not even required to sign up in order to access the app. Well, this is something nice for users who want to avoid the troubles associated with creating a new password.

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