The price of the Unlimited subscription to Amazon Music increases once again

Recently, we have come across several news stories covering the increased subscription prices for several streaming services. As a part of this trend, Amazon Music is reportedly going to increase its prices for the second time this year. As per the information, the company is going to increase the subscription charges for Unlimited plans, which will impact Prime members as well as those on the Family plan.

The information comes from The Hollywood Reporter. The source claims that the company has changed the monthly price tag from $9 for an individual plan to $10. On the other hand, the Family plan transitioned from the previous $16 to $17 per month. New subscribers will be required to buy the plans at new rates. Existing users have a relaxation up to September 19, after which new prices will be implemented. The benefits of these price increases may or may not be extended to music creators, who now receive about $5000 for every million streams, according to Amazon.

The reason behind the price increase

According to a spokesperson for the company, the new prices will help the company improve the quality as well as quantity of the content and features on the platform. Well, such an explanation doesn’t seem to be properly fitting since the company has not introduced any new or innovative features. On the other hand, it does illustrate the prevailing market trend of major streaming services boosting their fees.

Besides Amazon, YouTube also recently revised its subscription prices. Reportedly, the Premium subscription price increased from $12 to $14, replicating price changes implemented by big rivals like Tidal, Apple Music, and Apple TV+. In addition to this, Spotify increased its monthly rates from $10 to $11, despite the fact that its subscription fee remained unchanged for years.

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