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Create Your Own Linux Virtual Private Network With Hostzealot

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The modern-day world is full of dangers on the web. We are watched and recorded, and our data is used for different purposes to manipulate in different ways. Our liberty gets restricted by the governments, who don’t want us to access specific sites for sometimes ridiculous reasons, eavesdropping on us in different ways without our consent.

If we want to increase our level of privacy and our liberty of action, we have to need to hide our traffic and our IP in some way.  And this way is the VPN.

VPN is a tool that creates a private network within a public network that works like a tunnel, hiding and encrypting your data. With this your IPS only sees you accessing your VPN, your exact actions remain anonymous. Let’s have a closer look, at when, where, and why you might require a VPN and which benefits it shall provide you with. 

Why do you need a VPN?

  1. Privat browsing. When browsing the internet, there are many cases when you use your sensitive data you wouldn’t want to end up in someone else’s hands, like credit card numbers or some confidential private information – that is your safety depends often on the safety of your internet connection. And there are many cases where your connection is not really that safe – for example if you are using public wifi at a restaurant, in a coffee shop, or in the airport. But securing your data, making it inaccessible to anyone eager to apply it for their malicious machinations is not really that hard – just use VPN and feel much safer. Giving away the price of a couple of coffee cups for months isn’t a big deal for not letting anybody use your bank data to take a couple of thousand dollars loan in the bank. 
  2. Reduced tracking. Either at home or anywhere else, your data may be tracked by your internet service provider and the government. You never know what they are going to do with it, but if you don’t like the feeling of big brother’s presence, then you should get yourself a VPN. In this case, the intelligence services will know much less about who is browsing and from where. “Everything you say might be used against you ” – you might have heard in dozens of crime films. Thus, VPN allows you to figuratively “say less”. 
  3. Privacy from the apps and websites. Your data collected by the apps and websites may seem a harmless thing that is used to improve the quality of the services you get, but still, at some point, they may eavesdrop on you in unexpected and undesirable ways. For this reason, you might want to hide as much of your data as possible and thus use these services with VPN to revenge them with confusion, so that instead of reading your thoughts they will end up showing you the advertisement of some random Dutch cookies (provided that you aren’t Dutch).
  4. Access the content unavailable in your country. Even if you don’t care too much about your privacy, VPN can be still a very useful tool for your leisure, work, or studying. For some reason, certain sites are often blocked in certain areas, even if they don’t give access to, say, something illegal. Also, the are content restrictions depending on countries, in particular in widely used streaming services like Netflix or any other. These can be bothering, especially if you are learning a foreign language and need as many sources of immersion as possible. A VPN is a handy and completely legal way of accessing anything.
  5. Secure smart office. The conditions in which we live for the last couple of years have forced many workers and companies to switch to remote work and it’s highly likely that it will never get as it used to be. That has created a need for secure smart office solutions that will allow working together on the same project with minimal risk of information leaks. Using a VPN for this purpose will be an excellent idea as its features fit perfectly to the purpose of hiding what you are actually doing from everyone who is not supposed to know it.

HostZealot’s VPN

A virtual private network or VPN is a service that will greatly increase your level of privacy as well as allow you safe access to the content unavailable in your country. If you have just realized the necessity of a VPN for various areas of your world wide web life, but you have not found a reliable VPN provider so far, you can rely on our choice and check out the virtual private network by HostZealot hosting.

The quality of the VPN service depends indeed on the quality of the server used to host it. What about HostZealot, they are a reliable hosting provider with a broad variety of server locations, 24/support, and affordable prices, so your VPN will work and uninterruptedly and at a high speed, providing you with your dedicated IP, unlimited bandwidth and, of course, anonymous internet browsing. So, don’t hesitate and check out their offer. Thank you for your attention! Take care!

Alexia Hope

Alexia is the author at Research Snipers covering all technology news including Google, Apple, Android, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung News, and More.