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Create Your Own Stickers On WhatsApp With Integrated Sticker Maker Tool

WhatsApp Sticker Tool

WhatsApp recently got a new Windows app and the service belonging to Facebook or Meta is still working on innovations. One should please those who like to make their communication more colorful. Because WhatsApp gets an integrated “sticker maker“.

This new function is initially available in the web version of the messenger. The popular stickers, with which you can express a reaction as an alternative to emoji and animated GIFs, were previously only available in predefined packages or from other external sources. Now you can also create your own stickers directly on WhatsApp The Verge reported.

Initially web version, later in the desktop app

The whole thing is already available in the web version. To create your own sticker, you first have to click on the paper clip and then the sticker symbol. This will open a window with which you can upload your own picture.

This can be embellished with a few simple tools. You can crop the picture, add emoji or text, color it and also cut it. The latter, however, is only possible in a square format. If desired, you can also merge existing WhatsApp stickers with your own picture. Once the individual sticker has been created, it can be used again and again from now on without having to create or upload it again.

It is of course not necessarily new that you can create and use such stickers on WhatsApp. Until now, however, you had to use a separate application for this. With the new sticker maker, which should also be available in the desktop app from next week, you can do this directly in WhatsApp, which is certainly a convenient thing – especially because you can use the stickers with the accuracy of a mouse edit (the third-party apps offered are usually mobile applications).