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WhatsApp Working On Reactions Feature During Chat

WhatsApp Reactions

WhatsApp is working on a new way to respond to messages. In addition, new screenshots from the beta phase have now been leaked that show how you can simply react to a message with an emoji. This function is known from Facebook.

Now the group is using the new “Reactions in Chat” with WhatsApp. Users should then be able to react to a message with a smiley, for example, similar to how a message can be marked on Facebook with various reactions such as thumbs up, hearts, etc. So it’s not about a classic answer, but much more about an evaluation.

In addition, the function looks very similar to that of Facebook. According to the information, a user can only respond once to a particular message. For this, he (so far) only has the answer with six different emojis.

More details

This change for the messenger is currently being tested. The first information about this was given a few weeks ago, but now the online magazine WhatsApp Beta has published new details and a screenshot of the innovation. In the beta version, you can see that there is also a new function for “Reactions” called “Reaction Info“. This should enable users in a chat to see directly who in the group responded to a message with an emoji.

The reaction information can then be found in the “All” tab, on which all reactions are listed. The WhatsApp groups that responded to a message with a specific emoji are displayed on another tab. WABetaInfo discovered the function during the development phase of the WhatsApp beta for iOS. As is so often the case, the test is first started for iOS and only then extended to Android. Details on a release date for the new functions are not yet available.