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Daemon X Machina Gets Give Away From Epic Games

Epic Games

This Epic Games Store free game giveaway continues until 2022, too. And this week’s game for free will be Marvelous’ third-person shooting game Daemon X Machina. Mecha fans will surely like to give this a try as the game is played by players who control the fully-customizable Mech and battle every kind of type of enemy.

Daemon X Machina has a robust multiplayer and co-op feature along with its excellent single-player mode. The game’s strategy for combat and customization lets players tweak and modify every component of their mech in order to match their abilities. The mechanic of looter-shooter lets players salvage components of weapons from defeated foes that can be utilized as needed during combat.

Epic Games Store now offers free Daemon X Machina

The Epic Games Store gave away several games last year, and toward 2021’s end, the holiday season saw the Store give away a complimentary daily game. In terms of figures, it was reported that the Epic Games Store gave away an 89-game free game worth around USD 2 120 (in US prices).

This is an incredible quantity of value that is offered to its users, and it looks like Epic will not stop the trend this year. In an article on their blog, Epic confirmed that they will continue to offer free games through 2022 to date, users have been able to get Relicta and Daemon X Machina at no cost.

To be eligible for free games on the Store, users require an Epic Games Account. You can obtain one by signing up on the official Store website. Following that, they are able to download the Launcher through which they can browse through the store and play their games through the Library. After a game is purchased it will be displayed in the player’s Library and from there it can be played.


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