Dbrand has MagSafe cases to offer for Pixel 8 series

Recently, Dbrand unveiled their cases for the Google Pixel 8 line. These cases work with MagSafe accessories, just like the options from Mous and Moment.

MagSafe cases are now available from Dbrand for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Both a Grip case and a Ghost case for the Pixel 8 Pro appear to be available from the firm. For some reason, it doesn’t appear that the Ghost case is available for the ordinary Pixel 8.

A new version of Dbrand’s Grip case for the Pixel 8 series is now available as well. It is available for a variety of smartphones. It is identical to the earlier versions but has been modified for the two devices. It is available in black, but you can customize the skin as you want.

Dbrand calls its Grip case “the world’s grippiest case

The Grip case from Dbrand is referred to as “the world’s grippiest case” by the company. It does provide a great deal of protection and grip. Of course, it isn’t the thinnest or lightest case. It has a uniform texture and military-grade impact resistance. It is covered with many ridges for grip. In other words, a lot of tiny dots stick out of the case.

On the sides of this case, there are grip strips as well. Yes, this does include camera protection. In comparison to many other cases on the market, Dbrand also makes it simpler to employ swipe movements. It will cost you $54.90 if you choose this case. You may pre-order it right now, and it will arrive in your mailbox in early November.

Pixel 8 Pro is compatible with the Ghost case

For some reason, the Ghost case is only available for the Pixel 8 Pro, as was already reported. This case is lighter and thinner than the grip case. But Dbrand claims that unlike many other see-through cases, it “never yellows” and has a ribbed texture.

Pre-orders for this one are also accepted; the price is $49.95. Please be aware that this case will ship a little early, possibly this month.

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