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Diablo 4: Blizzard reveals how microtransactions are supposed to work

Diablo 4 isn’t Diablo Immortal: that’s basically the quick look at microtransactions from both Blizzard games. Because the developer has now revealed how and what you will be selling and that should calm Pay2Win critics.

Blizzard Entertainment regularly releases updates on the development of the next big installment of its action role-playing game, and now it’s that time again. In the current update, which is offered once every three months, Blizzard talks in detail about various topics, including current improvements and changes and live events.

Premium yes, but no unfair advantages

In the middle of the stream updates for developers but seasons, season pass, and the live service business model. Product director Kegan Clark reiterates that Diablo 4 will be a full-price game with an accessory store and a season pass, but “none of them offer paid power”. “Our goal for in-game purchases is to create beautiful things that enhance the player experience,” continued Clark.

A season pass offers a premium tier, but it shouldn’t provide an unfair advantage over the basic variant: “The premium tiers don’t offer any power or advantages over other players. The pass’s free tiers bring gameplay bonuses to all players. accelerate and simplify leveling a new seasonal character.

Premium tier rewards, on the other hand, are all about aesthetics and offer great value in the form of accessories and premium currency.” There will be seasonal boosts, but they are available to all players. There is a premium currency, but it is only for cosmetic items. So you can take certain shortcuts for a fee, but only for cosmetic and non-game critical items.

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