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Discord App: Screen Sharing Feature Comes To iOS And Android Apps

Discord App Screen Sharing

The desktop application of the communication platform Discord has been equipped with a function for transferring the screen content for some time. Now the mobile apps have also received the feature. The screen sharing function is distributed for Android and iOS users.

The developers of the platform announced this in a video. According to Techcrunch, the mobile Discord users can use the screen sharing function to share all content that is shown on their own smartphone display with their contacts. These can be game apps, social media applications, or video platforms, for example.

50 Participants Limit

To avoid overloading the server and other instabilities, the maximum number of users who can receive the same screen transmission is limited to 50. However, it does not matter how many users are in a voice channel at the same time. It is possible for several users in the same channel to use the screen sharing feature and share their screen content at the same time. In this case, 50 foreign users can watch.

The function will be rolled out soon

At the moment, the screen sharing function seems to be distributed in waves so that the new feature cannot be used directly by all users. If you want to use the new screen transfer, you should definitely install the latest version of the smartphone app. While the Android version can be found in the Google Play Store, the iOS application is available in the official Apple App Store.

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