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Discord Blocked 68,000 servers and 55 million accounts in 6 Months

Discord has its roots in gaming, but now it’s just a regular messenger. “Normal” is relative, of course, as Discord has its quirks and idiosyncrasies. But the operators also have a lot to do, because servers and accounts are often misused.

Discord is of course more than just a messenger, you can probably also call the service a social media platform. And like so many providers in this field, you have to contend with users who use the service for purposes that are not in the interests of the inventors and operators. Discord has now released a report stating how many accounts and servers have been shut down in the first half of the year.

According to the report, more than 55 million accounts were suspended and over 68,000 servers shut down between January and June this year. According to official figures, most bans were for spam or related violations.

This is also shown by looking at the account blocks that are not related to spam: Because here Discord gives a number of “only” around 1.8 million. The bans described there are mostly related to “child safety” and “exploitative and unwanted content”.

Appeals Are Not Very Successful

Anyone who is blocked on Discord can appeal this decision and around 235,000 users have done so. However, the chances of being unblocked again are rather low, because of all these objections, just over 3000 users were unblocked again.

“Our mission at Discord is to create welcoming spaces where people can find belonging. We recognize that safety is what enables people to find belonging, and as such, safety is one of our most important investments and priorities,” writes Discord. “Security is a key priority for our company. Approximately 15 percent of all Discord employees are dedicated to this area, and every employee shares the commitment to keep Discord secure.”

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