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Material You widgets added to YouTube for Android users

The YouTube app on Android just recently got updated by Google. A new widget termed Material You has been added. It adds a splash of colors to your home screen. Additionally, the widget is also new. Since the widgets by YouTube were unavailable prior to this app update.

Though the update is minor who minds such things when it comes to a daily dose of information?

If you are a frequent YouTube user, you might wish to have steady access to the videos within the app. As per news by 9to5Google, the new feature was introduced to iOS just last month. And now the same footsteps have been followed by Android users as well.

The new feature is provided with two distinct options for widgets. You can choose the particular widget depending on your choice. the first option for widgets provides the users with a simple search bar. The search bar is placed on the home screen. When you tap on the search bar, it will direct you to the search function within the app. Side by side the keyboard pops up to help you type your search in the search query instantaneously. Additionally, it is also provided with a mic button. Thus, enabling the voice search.

Talking about the second widget is also equipped with a search bar. Alongside the search bar, it also holds quick access buttons. These buttons refer to distinct sections of YouTube. A specific button is dedicated to shorts, home, subscriptions, and libraries. Tapping on the search bar takes you to the search option, tapping on these dedicated buttons will take you to that spot directly. For instance, if you click on the Shorts button, you will be directed to YouTube shorts directly. Thus, accounting for the main difference between the two widgets.

Given the pros and cons of each widget, you can customize the settings of your app.

Before using the updated feature make sure your smartphone is based on Android 12. Further, check out the updated version of YouTube i.e., 17.43.36.

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