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Donald Trump Arrested: Fake Pictures Are Spreading On Social Media

Donald Trump Arrested? He announced a few days ago that he would be arrested this week and asked his supporters to protest. Pictures have now appeared online that are supposed to show the ex-president being arrested. They are all bad fakes.

Fakes on social media: Donald Trump arrested

There are several lawsuits against Donald Trump in the United States. According to his post on the Truth Social platform, the ex-president claims to have heard of one because of a leak from the New York prosecutor’s office. A few days ago, Trump wrote that he would probably be arrested this week, on Tuesday to be precise. Then he asked his followers to protest and “take the country back”. Fake pictures are now appearing on the Internet, which is intended to pretend that the arrest has already taken place.

What the fake images have in common is that they may appear real at first glance, but on closer inspection, they show the typical errors of AI-generated content. A recording should show Trump being arrested by three officers. In addition to other clues, the right hand caught the attention of attentive observers. Image-generating AIs are currently still having a hard time depicting fingers and hands, and this error seems to be showing up here as well.

Another picture should then show Trump taking police photos, the so-called “Mugshot”. In addition, the poster adds an image that is supposed to show a huge protest in New York, where a building has already caught fire. While in the image of Trump, the symbols in the background, in particular, suggest the artificial origin, in the alleged image of New York there are countless errors that make it easy to recognize the image as a fake.

Trump has deal

In all likelihood, there will never be an arrest of Donald Trump with handcuffs and a great public spectacle in this form. According to CNN, the ex-president’s lawyers were able to reach an agreement according to which Trump will voluntarily present himself to the New York Attorney’s Office if charges are brought.

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