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Double thumbs up for great movies and series on Netflix

Netflix is ​​finally making progress with its rating system design. So far, this isn’t differentiated enough for most users – after all, content can only be rated with a thumbs up or down. That is now changing. Nothing happens with the negative rating. Because Netflix believes that it is sufficient if customers simply do not find a film or series recommended.

The situation is different with the positive reviews, where the operators of the market-leading streaming platform are now offering a new option. Going forward, users who liked a piece of content will still be able to click the thumbs up. However, if they think it is a special, impressive, or particularly sweet work, there is now also a button with two thumbs up.

Appreciation important to the user

This could make a huge difference for users in the future. This is because Netflix uses the ratings less so that other customers can use them as a guideline when choosing their evening entertainment. Rather, they play a role in the composition of your recommendations. So if you press the thumbs down, less similar content will be shown on the home page from now on. Accordingly, positive reviews lead to the opposite. And that, of course, makes the distinction particularly interesting.

In the future, Netflix will be able to push movies and series that are similar to a customer’s, particularly popular content – and not just those that the user generally liked quite a bit and therefore got a thumbs up, unless they just gave the audience a thumbs up. blow from their feet. Netflix has tweaked the rating system several times in its history. Originally, the common five-star selection was also offered. However, it was shown here that many users did not express their personal opinion at all, but also rated films with a low rating worse.

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