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Dual SIM iPhone Might Launch This Year

Dual SIM iPhone

Rumours regarding the launch of Dual SIM iPhone were going viral on social media, however, the rumours have been confirmed finally by Apple’s iOS 12. The iOS 12 is fully backing up the rumours. The new iPhone X Plus is anticipated to have a 6.5-inch OLED display and would also support dual SIM in certain regions.

The news was first noted by 9to5Mac, they reported that the iOS 12 beta has recently unveiled regarding the dual SIM support feature. The operating system has indicated a second physical SIM tray, which clearly shows that the Dual SIM iPhone might soon be launched. The iPhone Dual SIM tray would not be limited to a single tray and an eSIM support, as implied by the mention of the second tray.

The countries where the dual SIM devices are most popular are Brazil, Egypt and Nigeria, whereas the regions where such mobile phones are given least bit of attention for use are the United States, Australia and Canada.

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This is not the first time that details regarding the iPhone have accidentally been revealed by the Apple’s software betas. Back in 2017, iOS 11 beta hinted the users regarding the notched display of Apple which finally became a part of the iconic iPhone X. The iOS 11 beta also tipped the users about the FaceID unlocking feature for that phone.

Apple would be conducting its annual iPhone event in September where the company would be launching three new iPhones. A new “iPhone X Plus” is as per rumours to have a 6.5-inch OLED display. Other than iPhone X Plus two other iPhones to be launched include the 5.8-inch iPhone X (a refresh model of the already released iPhone X) and a 6.1-inch LCD model of iPhone X Plus.

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