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DuckDuckGo Working On A New Desktop Browser


The developers of the search engine DuckDuckGo are working on a new desktop browser that will focus on the privacy of its users. Only the macOS version of the browser is currently being tested. The app will later also be made available for Windows systems.

Many details are not yet known about the upcoming browser. In a blog post, DuckDuckGo writes that most privacy settings should be enabled by default. This means that users do not have to click through many menus to select the right options. The program should receive a fire button, which can also be found in the mobile app. With a click on the switch, the entire history and other saved data are deleted and open tabs are closed.

Not based on Chromium

In contrast to many other browsers, DuckDuckGo wants to use a render engine provided by the operating system. This means that the app will not be based on Chromium so that many features should be missing at the beginning. Some functions will probably never be integrated into the browser in order not to endanger the privacy of the users. In addition, users can benefit from a clearer interface.

Although the macOS app is already being tested, it is currently still unclear when a final version of the DuckDuckGo browser will be rolled out. The company has not yet given a release date. It is conceivable that the program will see the light of day in the course of next year. Whether the application is against established browsers such as Chrome, SafariEdge, and Firefox can prevail also remains to be seen.

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