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Duolingo Max intends to shape the future of education with AI powers

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Nowadays we are coming across several new products taking on the AI-powered route. It will be no surprise in the coming months that we will be presented with multiple AI-powered apps and services. Besides tech products, now IA is going to empower the education sector.

Duolingo is an online language-learning platform. It hosts around 500 million, active users. However, the new product is going to change the way users interact with this educational platform. A recent report suggests that Duolingo is going to incorporate AI into its learning platform thus helping users to learn effectively.

The app will present the users with interactive learning features powered by an AI model. Reportedly, the language-learning platform will use the resources provided by OpenAI and provide an interactive experience to users. It will utilize the GTP-4 AI model. Notably, the app is going to release a new AI-driven Max subscription plan. Users will be provided with in-depth explanations of the language they are learning.

The new plan outlines two new features. one is Explain My Answer and the other is Roleplay. Both features will be presented to Duolingo Max subscribers. The two features are powered by AI learning abilities that improve the learning experience on the Duolingo platform. The Explain My Answer function can be used to learn from the mistakes in practice questions. Furthermore, users can practice their conversational skills with an Artificial chatbot using the Roleplay function. The optimal AI experience for Duolingo users is provided by making use of the new GPT-4 model.

For a few years, Duolingo Max has been under development; it is now available for use. Presently, iOS users in the US and a few other countries are provided with the access to latest features. In the upcoming months, more people will have access to this service.

It’s critical to comprehend how AI will impact education as this capability is implemented. Early AI experience is being introduced to the educational space by Duolingo Max. It’s possible that further online learning platforms may take steps to incorporate AI products into their services.

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