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You can read your chats via NoBlueTick app, without actually opening them

If you want to get a sneak peek at a message that someone has sent you without them knowing that you have read their message. This app is just quite perfect for you. NoBlueTick allows you to read messages without opening the inbox.

NoBlueTick app allows you to read messages without opening them

This app works in the simplest way possible. You need to install this app on your device. Through settings, you can allow it to read notifications. After going through the settings, you will open the app, which will be able to show you the messages in chat.

It seems a bit useless when you can already see those messages in the notification bar. But as these messages are shown to some extent in the notification bar, Especially when there’s a large number of messages, it will cut down on the notification bar.

If you want to open your longer messages without people knowing that you’ve seen them, this app is just the right solution for you. The sender will not be able to see that you have opened the messages. This app will let you read the messages without opening them.

Why can an app like this be useful?

As social media is developing quite fast, it is making us overwhelmed in some ways. As in the case of this app, you will be unable to avoid the pressure of replying immediately. Along with that, you’ll be able to read those messages again in case you forget them or something.

All vital social platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Signal, Messenger, Instagram, and many more are supported by this app. Although it can support many apps, you can still choose which ones you want to give access to. The remaining apps will stay unaffected.

This latest app is simple to use. It’s focusing in on your received chats. You can also customize the app’s theme. This app has both advertising and in-app purchase options.

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